Saturday, August 18, 2012

soo duudee

here are two new ones...the clear deck on is a 9'11" 21.5" 3.5" some folks stoked on the orange on a few post back....super flat thick with pinched out down rails with roll across the whole bottom, this one got its rail even more pinched out,,,,its  has a 1" red cedar stringer, clear deck and rails with an abstract inlay,,,these abstracts are way more bad ass in person there those details you just cant see on the computer box, then there is the black and primary colored rip it up model. this one is similar to the two boards below but the rails are a down a bit more and a bit thinner. has the long blended nose concave with the really full but not too wide of a a clear bottom that looks really clean revealing the triple stringer. the abstract on the deck and rails im super stoked on, black is a hard color to work with and i still got some solid vibrancy out of the other colors...sick brah. both of these boards got a super neato gold glitter pinline. so sick. and the abstract one is 9'6" 22 3/4" 3"...

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