Saturday, August 18, 2012

soo duudee

here are two new ones...the clear deck on is a 9'11" 21.5" 3.5" some folks stoked on the orange on a few post back....super flat thick with pinched out down rails with roll across the whole bottom, this one got its rail even more pinched out,,,,its  has a 1" red cedar stringer, clear deck and rails with an abstract inlay,,,these abstracts are way more bad ass in person there those details you just cant see on the computer box, then there is the black and primary colored rip it up model. this one is similar to the two boards below but the rails are a down a bit more and a bit thinner. has the long blended nose concave with the really full but not too wide of a a clear bottom that looks really clean revealing the triple stringer. the abstract on the deck and rails im super stoked on, black is a hard color to work with and i still got some solid vibrancy out of the other colors...sick brah. both of these boards got a super neato gold glitter pinline. so sick. and the abstract one is 9'6" 22 3/4" 3"...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

heres some new logs that i really like

heres two new ones i just finished up last week. they are both the same template except the gray abstract has a tad wider nose and center. the brown one is for david "davey jones" i made him a log the could handle some curve and jive for his surf contests that are generally held at beach breaks.  the nose is not super wide at 17 3/4" but its is really full and this is to allow the nose to fit tighter in the pocket and not be so clumsy but still have the surface area and volume to noseride all insane. the tails is narrower at 15" wide but isnt tooo narrow..the rails have some eggish/ pinched shape to keep the rail round for noseriding but having that bite will give the board a lot more control and drive. nice long really blended, deep nose concave...hes pumped got a stylin' racked noserider fin in grape purpler with a deep brown tint top and bottom with big ol' laps and a deck and tail patch....hes stoked on it and i saw him on his first day with it ripping......the gray abstract board is for on old time customer down in san diego, whom decided he needed a new MMM board after he sold his previous one...his board is really similar to the brown one aside from a 1/4" wider center and nose.. with a little more aggressive nose concave, a bit softer rails (still got the eggy bite), lil more roll and pivot fin for grooving the pocket...that abstract came out sweet i like it,,,especially on the deck. he also got a fin from the grape fin panel. i really like these designs...something that you can count on. they both have really low entry rocker but then have kick at the ends which makes turning much much easier and smoother and the nose kick makes noseriding and more critical placement much more forgiving and becomes a real life saver on some of those sketchier riders. and having the nose full but not super wide will allow for your noserides to get locked in deeper in the pocket which is where its really fun but still be able to hang like a sidewalk in the softer sections and smaller days.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


 heres a new one finished up reaalllllll quick for kameron there...he used to ride alll shortboards then he went to the funner boards...but progressively he getting his shortboard groove back in sight....this is a pretty full shortboard at 5'10" 2.25 19" with some width on the the ends...the board has a little kick at either end but has on overall low rocker the bottom is single to double concave with flat off the tail he got glass ons the rails are slightly fuller than a traditional highperformance shortboard but the tail is a bit boxier and fuller. i glassed the board with a super super light blue tint and the fins and logos are dark blue fins especially look black....he got the carbon fiber thing and he is frothing over it...sick

this is a shortboard i did for max it is 5'10" 18.5" 2.25" it is really similar to the one i did for kane just below its just a little fuller in the rails and yea just read the board descrition below its like the same....he got the custom glass ons one pink and two cheetah/black fins. then he went for the carbon front foot looks a little kookie and also super sick at the sametime but it really does make a big difference...i highly recommend an additional something should be added to lightly glassed boards on the front and rear fin. he loves this thing too...i surfed with kane the other day the guy below and max but kane is super super pumped on his well and it really enjoyed watching him surf that things he was ripping soo hard...gotta love when someone is not only pumped on a board you built them but when they absolutely rip the thing too.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

soo sick

so this is a new one its a 9'9" 21.5" and 3.5" shes been  on my mind for years now actually and ive been loving this thing....its narrow and has a pretty straight outline the rocker is super super super flat so it inherently gooooooooesss soooooo fast the bottom is just roll and the rails in the middle are pretty thick but the board has and overall low rail line with some pinch to it so it has a lot of drive through turns....the best way to describe it is a longboard/hull so it has that feel of a hull real forward trim locks into the pocket but then has longboard feel through turns. the deck got somewhat of a kelp tint and one of them abstract bottoms and like teal turqoise pinline and logo on the bottom with a finbox. the board isnt a super heavy glassjob so that helps out with manueverability and this thing is sooo fast its a different kind of surfing just beating sections you never beat and go up and down the wave turn bottom turn all this it feels much more like a dance on the wave than you just ripping it up its nice i love it. it has a 3/4" red cedar stringer and it is sick it doesnt noserider super well you have to bee in a nice lined up steeper noseride more for trimming through a section than to just perch and stall in the pocket all day. i really like this board...literally a different type of surfing than what i have been doing....i really like having boards that are more on the extreme end of things because board building is such a balance. you have to give and take certain things that may allow for this but takes away when you just decide to make a board that is more focused on a specific kind of surfing you end up with a board that works insane as long as conditions of the wave and yourself prohibit. you go faster than you have ever gone noseride longer than ever hardest turns a board that holds in bigger waves all kinds of things...also im not re reading what i just wrote so you can deal with the fact that i just wrote a rant like always. 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

for kane

heres a 5'8" 18.25" 2.25" ripper model for kane...kane just wanted a high performance shortboard for doing all the ripping hold tight lines in the tube krankin cutbacks and punts. so here i came up with this, wide point a tad forward to help with paddling and holdin it down in the tube and then pulled the tail in pretty narrow,,the board has a good amount of rocker and he wanted to have some real thin pinched rails but in order to give him those rails and maintian some kind of volume for versatility i gave him a real low angled down rail all behind the center,,not like a 70's board at all a lot more mellow and the tail ends up with a nice flat panel to shred on top of...the bottom is single to double concave with flat out the tail and although theres a decent amount of rocker the entry rocker is still a pretty straight curve which will help out with the boards the carbon tail patches and fcs thruster fin set up.....things gunna shred

Monday, June 25, 2012

for john

this one is for john..he wanted a log that could noseride real well but didnt want a full on one demensional i came up with this. 9'8" 23" 3" it has medium wide nose to help with noseriding, but then has a curvey tail with a pulled in tailblock to help with turning. the board has a low entry rocker to keep forward momentum through trim, paddle, and tip ridin' with a long blended nose concave to give the nose some stability and lift....i like them long and blended. then there is a good amount of tail rocker to further help with the turning ability and noseriding..then the rails are turned up and pretty full up front to help with paddling trim in weak waves and release while noseriding or stabing the white kinda mushed up part of the wave..then the rails progressively get more pinched but not crazy pinched just something to get a little bite through turns and then maintains a 50/50 placement. some moderate roll going out the back....and uh yeea...its single fin box...volan with a deck patch ....polished out all nice...half inch red cedar stringer...i wanna try this board reall bad i made sure he knew if i feel like it ill give you a personal review and his review.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2 for Jeff 1 for Kam 1 for Wes

 6'1" like 20"wide and 2.5" thick a dumpster diver for jeff, light 4x4 4 glass with carbon ,,,low rocker single concave to vee out the tail,,,five fin boxes for options,,,made to rip it up and those not soo ripable days.

 6'3" 19something wide 2.5 thick also for jeff,,,he lives by state park and wanted something to shred it up here is a medium rockered rounded pintail shredder. single concave to spiral vee out the tail...light glass job with carbon tail patches...five fin boxes for the option thing.. fuller rails but not too chunky

 this one is for kameron 5'10" 19.5" 2.5" for kameron,,,just a longer slightly wider version of my brown shred pill below. his rails are foiled thin for hold and drive, lighter glassjob he got that floral paisleyesque print to cover up the carbon fiber he got...the carbon fiber patches a re impressively strong,,,my person pill is all dented up around the patches but there are little to no dents on the carbon ...five fins for options...thruster helps out with a little more stability and loosens it up for beach breaks and all that while the quad set up is fast fast not sloww,,good for point breaks or cleaner lined more predictable surf.  single concave to triplane vee out the tail.
6'0" 18.25" 2.25" thruster for Wes he got a lower rocker but not too low board for easy paddle and helps keep the board moving in our generally weaker surf..he wanted some color work on the deck soo he wouldnt have to whip out the spray paint so i did this kinda tribal almost feeling thing came out sick is butt crack. he got the standard lightweight glassjob 4x4 4...foiled out perfomance rails.........

i have been doing lots of shorties...working on some more too. got a log almost done and some blanks on order.....hit me up for a pool toy